Big Don

Don Robinson is an award winning accomplished Hip Hop musician based in Austin, Texas. He has been named Hip Hop Artist of The Year nine times by the Austin Chronicle and has been involved in themusic scene for over 22 years.
His work in Hip Hop has always focused on the positive and inspiring aspect of what kids embrace about life. Having toured the U.S. many times this message has led to nine independent CD releases, national recognition by Billboard magazine and involvement in mainstream children’s entertainment by writing for the movie soundtrack
of “Spy Kids 3-D Game Over”.
Big Don’s goal is to entertain kids all over the world through the fun and energy of Hip Hop. Big Don introduces a hip and new musical element to the art of story telling. He has turned some of the greatest classics that kids have ever known such as Humpty Dumpty, and Itsy Bitsy Spider into mainstream stories and danceable music that today’s youth identify with.
Big Don’s energetic and charismatic live performances will light up any stage and leave the audience rewarded with a spectacular experience.
Kids embrace positive fun characters and Big Don is today’s obvious choice. We call it “Big Don’s Big Beat ” and kids now have a Hip Hop Hero that delivers for them.


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