Gunga Galunga


Formed in 2011 by saxophonist/keyboardist Jeff Dazey (Villain Vanguard, Josh Weathers Band, EPIC RUINS), Gunga Galunga is a super-group party collective originally conceived to be the house band at the Where House’s bi-weekly Wednesday night Hump Day events. As the Hump Day nights gained in popularity, so did the band, hooking Where House regulars with its fusion of acid jazz, funk and break-beat rock. Founded around a core lineup of Dazey, drummer Lucas White (Confusatron, Top Secret… Shh!), John Shook on bass (Top Secret… Shh!, Poo Live Crew), and guitarists Andrew Skates (Confusatron, Telegraph Canyon, Quaker City Nighthawks), Gunga Galunga’s sets frequently wander across genres, getting into jams that lock into hypnotic grooves, occasionally breaking into hey-I-know-that-tune tributes to NES games and Bill Murray. With influences ranging from Thievery Corporation and Galactic to Medeski, Martin and Wood and Battletoads, Gunga Galunga’s sonic palette makes for a kaleidoscopic aural experience, one in which your hips move seemingly of their own accord.

Though Gunga Galunga is best known as a live band (winning the Fort Worth Weekly Music Award for Best Jazz Band), its initial foray into recording provided a local hit with “White Guy Overbite,” a synth-driven, instrumental funk jam produced for the Fort Worth Weekly’s annual music awards compilation album, though the best way to rock your own white guy overbite is to come dance at a show.




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