Hudson Moore

With the February 2011 release of his debut album, “Fireworks”, Hudson Moore – the Fort Worth born 21-year-old student at the University of Texas – has put college on hold to chase his dream. The album captures Moore’s original style of songwriting and sound: alternative Texas-country laden with rock, soul, blues and pop written around a groove and melody. Moore attributes his musical inspirations to many artists ranging from BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Allmann Brothers to contemporaries like Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Keith Urban.

Live performances are Hudson’s true passion. Moore and his band take the stage with excitement and perform with great enthusiasm, making each night on stage a unique and memorable experience. Moore quotes, “Playing for live audiences is definitely the most rewarding part of what I do. I love the shared experience- everyone in the moment, taking in the music and giving the energy back to you- it’s an incredible feeling”.

Hudson and his band have made an impressive entrance to the music world- having played the historic Billy Bob’s, Gruene Hall, SXSW and the famous Austin City Limits Festival, after touring for less than one year. Moore has also caught the ear of many notable artists, opening for Pat Green, Kevin Fowler, Bob Schneider, Third Eye Blind, Lee Deweyze, Reckless Kelly, Casey Donahew, Stoney Larue, and Charlie Robison.


In December of 2001, at what would be his “best Christmas ever”, 11 year old Hudson was given his first guitar- the silver and black Fender Stratocaster he plays to this day. That same Christmas, Moore’s older brother was given a Percussion Plus drum set, which Hudson quickly learned to play as well.

After a few years of teaching himself to play guit

ar, drums and bass, Moore began writing lyrics and composing original song arrangements. At age 16, he wrote and recorded his first full song, “Take You Home”. With this song, Hudson found his voice and began singing in addition to playing. The demo quickly leaked to friends and family and created a buzz within the Fort Worth community.

In May of 2007, after his 17th birthday, Moore took the stage for the first time and made his debut performance at the Aardvark in Fort Worth with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a handful of songs. That night, after receiving positive reactions from listeners, a seed was planted in Moore’s heart and his journey as a singer/songwriter began.

In June of 2008, after graduating high school, Hudson packed up and made his home in Austin, the live music capitol of world, where he would attend the University of Texas. In the fall of 2009, Hudson recorded an original song called “Too Much Not Enough” where he sang and played every instrument on the track, including guitar, drums and bass. The song caught fire within the University of Texas community and further encouraged Hudson to pursue his love of music.

In the summer of 2010, after his sophomore year of college, Moore recorded his debut album, “Fireworks”, an 11-song compilation of material Hudson had written over the years. “I felt like it was time for me to record the songs I’d written and officially take the next step in pursuing my dream”, says Moore.

At the end of that summer, Hudson held auditions for what would soon become his first band. For the next month, Hudson and the 5 new band members spent time together hanging out, learning songs and developing musical chemistry, all in preparation for their debut performance at Momo’s September 16, 2010 and a string of future shows to come.

Through word of mouth and some buzz around town, 300 plus people showed up at Momo’s for their first show- this was the beginning of Hudson Moore as we know it. Little did they know, exactly one year later, they would take the Austin City Limits stage to perform for 2,000 plus people.

After one year of balancing college classes and life on the road, Hudson decided to put school on hold in hopes to share his music, entertain, inspire and encourage people to follow their passions- all while having a good time.



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