Keep Fort Worth Funky

We, as a group, are supporters of a movement. Keep Fort Worth Funky is our slogan as a collective city. We are a unique place in the world as we have a strong history of western culture and cowboys and outlaws. We are also a city of great people with a laid back attitude! We are a city of great bars and music venues. We are a city of great art and music. We are a city of many nationalities and traditions. We are a city of cultural and social change that we feel is critical for all of humanity!!. The idea that supporting all that is local: Music, Art, Businesses, Farmers, Organizations, People, Children, everything in this city. The time of expansion, mass production, globalization and big business is OVER!!!

Keep Fort Worth Funky aims to promote and support ALL that makes this city great. We need your support and knowledge to help us make this city a shining star of Texas!!! If you have a local business, restaurant, band, or event that you would like to promote on here, please feel free to do so. We also need your help to spread the word about our cause. The more people we get to be fans, the more people will see our posts and will share with the common idea of buying and supporting LOCAL!!!


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