Luke Wade and No Civilians

It was a hot summer day in 1998 when Luke ran eye-first into the speeding, yellow paintball that would change his life. One-eyed people aren’t known for their skill at catching and/or throwing things, and in small-town Texas those are the only skills that can get a 15 year-old kid invited to the “Pants Party”.

So what’s a boy to do to get the girls’ attention but spend his high school years perfecting Dave Matthews’ songs? This plan would end tragically as Luke was defeated handily at his high school talent show by the likes of a pom-pom routine and a girl lip-syncing to Selena’s “Tu Eres.”

However, by age 19, he engaged his passion and formed a band of music students from the local university in Stephenville, TX. The group, “Hurt Street,” made a record and played hundreds of shows with some of the best acts in Texas. “Hurt Street” would be Luke’s passion until the band dissolved in 2008.

Armed with new incite, inspiration, and many years’ worth of relationships in the Texas music scene, Luke set out to use these assets and do something more honest with his vision. The first step was to make a record.

Nick Choate (record producer and owner of Blue Smoke Studios) and Luke set out to make a record in which each song would get the treatment it deserves. They brought in the best musicians they knew. These artists came into the studio to make the record and never left. The band didn’t make the album—the album made the band.

Almost three years later, at age 28, with seven years of touring, four albums, and an army of dedicated fans, it’s safe to say he has gotten better over the years.  Luke and his new band, “No Civilians,” have been called, “well-crafted and compelling” by the Dallas Observer and “a veritable masterpiece of Funk, Soul, and R&B” by Pegasus News.

“Luke Wade and No Civilians” debut album, “Tomorrow’s Ghosts,” has been hailed by the Fort Worth Weekly as “a rare album, leaving an indelible imprint on hopeful honesty.” This new disc was released to much fanfare in June 2010 and received the Weekly’s nomination for Album of the Year–a month before the album’s official release.

Luke’s visceral lyrics, infectious melodies, and pristine vocals provide a foundation for the sound of the project. The musical talent that is “No Civilians” architects the sonic space with patience and precision, making these pop-sensible arrangements sexy and unique.

Some of the players that have contributed include: Justin Pate (Keys/Ben Harper, Ringo Starr),  Scott Lee (Bass/Dovetail, Nicole Nordeman), and Nick Choate (Guitar&Production/Josh Weathers, Cody Jinks).