Oh Whitney

Oh Whitney is a rock band.

Jose Juan Poyatos (Malaga, Spain) plays lead guitars. Diego Noyola (Monterrey, Mexico) plays bass. Adrien Lorca Faunce (Nadal, France) plays the drums. Peter More (Fort Worth, TX) sings, plays more guitars and octophone.

Here is some more information : Oh Whitney has been described as a genre-blurring band, marrying new and old styles across the great divide of rock, blues, bluegrass, folk and old country. Old country as in : Hank, Merle, Willie, Townes. The band has been all over the map and experienced several incarnations since their first lineup at Duke University in 2008. They cut their teeth performing in and around NYC throughout 2008-2010, while also playing down the east coast and into central Mexico, where they began working and recording with legendary drummer Rick Shlosser (of Van Morrison, James Taylor, Dolly Parton). After the better part of 2011 spent living and playing throughout Texas, the music took refuge in Puerto Rico for a stint and the band soon found themselves touring in Brazil by 2012. With an arsenal of new songs, written in an international sphere of influence, Oh Whitney returned to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to record their forthcoming album out in Fall of 2012. With the release date of the new album and several festivals in sight, Oh Whitney looks forward to coming home to the States by August of 2012.

Description of a sound : Listening to Oh Whitney is like taking a ride through a wormhole. In one song, they harken back to the hard-hitting style of Led Zeppelin, speak to the likes of Wilco and The Black Keys, and still resonate a distinct sound all their own. In another tune, the band will subtly draw you into an elegiac acoustic number reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt or Fleet Foxes, before Oh Whitney itself goes electric, reinforcing its unique place in the aural landscape. Their unique sound and versatile recordings stereophonically surround you; from a harmony whispered in one ear to a loud guitar passing like a plane overhead, it’s hard not to lose yourself in their music. But in truth, the best way to hear the band is live, as their performances captivate their audiences from the grooving upbeat songs to the reflective slow ones, stimulating the band’s natural chemistry, and reinforcing the fact that Oh Whitney is a band that proves that thoughtful songwriting and true creativity know no stylistic boundaries.



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