Shawn O’Connell Photography

“Down Highway”

Photographing familiar places and traditional landscapes in an innovative and distinctive way inspires me to continue to grow as an artist. I enjoy finding beauty in the ordinary, and in sharing a connection with people I’ve never met through my work. My intention is to use High Dynamic Range and Infrared photography to convey exciting and dramatic images to capture a world not usually seen by a traditional camera.

My father was the first person to put a camera in my hands and allow me the freedom to create images on my own. As I started my education in photography, I was greatly influenced by the works of Ansel Adams and Robert Frank. Ansel Adams’ breathtaking landscapes and Robert Frank’s ability to document everyday life in such a unique and fascinating way influenced me to look for my own creative ways to capture places and moments in time.

I rediscovered my love of photography after receiving a kidney transplant in 2006.My second chance at life has renewed my inspiration and interest in photography. Today, I look to photograph the beauty in places and objects that I might taken for granted. I hope that these photographs inspire others to follow their passions in life.



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