Telegraph Canyon

Album of The Year – The Tide and The Current
- Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Reel Roots (Netherlands)

“Sprawling Fort Worth, TX septet write alarming small songs, ornamented with accordion and violin — quiet little alt-country numbers that work their way toward irresistible choruses.”
- Rolling Stone

The Tide and the Current captures a band evolving from first track to last, stepping up and grabbing hold of what is rightfully theirs. In Telegraph Canyon’s case, that might just be the mantle of the region’s most promising act — in any genre. It’s the perfect contradiction: a band very much ingrained in the local scene that, through the sheer force of its art and depth of skill, also stands apart from it.”
- Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Telegraph Canyon…an epic take on Americana that sits as comfortably with Broken Social Scene as it does with Old 97’s, both of whom it’s opened for.”
- A.V. Austin (The Onion)

The Tide and The Current stands as one of the decades without-a-doubt best.”
- Dallas Observer

“Telegraph Canyon’s new album is a triumph of musical alchemy.”
- QUICK/Dallas Morning News

Masterful. A thrilling, tightly focused tour de force that spans a range of genres. – Fort Worth Star-Telegram