The Hanna Barbarians 

The Hanna Barbarians are a Rock and Roll band from Fort Worth, Texas. Their bluesy and energetic sound has been described as heavy, Southern and psychedelic, drawing on inspirations both old and new. Their modern take on classic rock and blues music has let the Barbarians carve out a unique sound that is unmistakably their own.

The Hanna Barbarians consists of lead singer Blake Parish, Guitarists Alex Zobel and Kristopher Luther, bassist Chris Evans and drummer Brady Hamilton. The band was formed in the winter of 2009 as a loose collective of musicians and songwriters. Eventually, upon bringing in Parish to front the outfit, they began to craft their live set and first studio album, Syzygy, which was produced by Robbie Baxter at Red Star Studios and released in April 2011. The 11 tracks, recorded on 1″ tape, eventually hit 118 on the CMJ Top 200 Chart. The album was nominated for Best Rock album of 2011 by the Fort Worth Weekly. The band was aslo nominated for Best Live Act. Their powerful stage performance has made them one of the most popular live acts in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and helped earn them 2012′s Rock Band of the Year award by the Fort Worth Weekly.

The Barbarians recently performed in front of a crown of 2000 when they headlined Fort Worth’s “Friday on the Green” concert series and consistently draw crowds in Denton, Austin, Dallas and Fort Wort Worth. They are currently working with producer Will Hunt at Spaceway Productions on a series of recordings that will soon be released as “The Spaceway Sessions.”



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