The Relatives

After a decade of musical proselytizing at local clubs, hotels and auditoriums and touring the gospel circuit with the likes of the Staple Singers, Mighty Clouds of Joy and the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, The Relatives hung up their instruments in 1980.

With only a few hundred platters ever pressed, The Relatives left little evidence of a legacy. Until now. Four decades removed from their inception and 30 years after their breakup, Don’t Let Me Fall collects all of the known Relatives recordings on the band’s long-delayed and much-deserved full-length LP.

The Reverend, of course, considers the resurrection nothing short of a miracle. “I just felt like it was some of God’s doing. I felt like couldn’t nobody else do this but God. Man, that’s been 35 or 40 years ago. I never would have dreamed that it was gonna happen like this, but it did. I just put it in God’s hands.”



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