The Will Callers

“The Will Callers…are doing things the old-fashioned way: writing great songs”. –Classic Rock Magazine

“In place of the band’s previous contemporary alt-country predilections comes a sincere and sincerely intoxicating throwback-to-early-FM-radio vibe, lots of dirty, swampy riffage and huge hooks, old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll punch evoking Faces and Creedence throughout. The twin guitarwork on “Take My Advice” is straight from the School of Keef and Ron, with frontman Jake Murphy and guitarist Justin Elliot basically trading licks throughout, calling and responding to each other, and the bluesy, slow-roiling “87 Miles to Austin” calls to mind JSBX on ’ludes. The Will Callers won’t be local long, trust me”. – Ft Worth Weekly

“Stepping up to the plate to prove that young country music is not dead, The Will Callers spread the gospel of alt-country as a reminder that Texas is king when it comes to southern charm”. – Corpus Christi Caller Times

“The crowded electric Americana scene now has another force to contend with in The Will Callers. Frontman Jake Murphy’s ragged-yet-refined voice is engaging and perfect for his band’s signature brand of slow-burning, whiskey-stained roots-rock.”
– The Fort Worth Weekly

“Alt-country doesn’t get much better than this, and rarely does a band reallydeserve your attention. But these guys do”. – Dallas Observer



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